Celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Royal Society of Archivists in The Netherlands


‘Values in transition: perspectives on the future of the archival profession’

15-17 June 2016

Philharmonie, Haarlem


Visit http://kvan.nl/jubileumcongres for the full programme and registration.


What will the profession of the archivist and of other information professionals look like in the future? What do familiar concepts such as integrity, authenticity, accessibility and privacy mean to us in the digital world?


Registration is now open for the jubilee conference of the Royal Society of Archivists in the Netherlands – the oldest professional association of archivists in the world – where we will reflect on these and other questions. On Thursday 16 June our keynote speaker will be Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive, who, for decades, has devoted his career to providing worldwide, free access to all knowledge, among other things by archiving the entire internet. On Friday 17 June the conference will be opened by Ben Kafka, author of The Demon of Writing, in which he explores the power and shortcomings, as well as the pleasure of paperwork and bureaucracy.


At the conference several other renowned speakers will share their views on developments in the field, including:


  • Jason R. Baron | Records Hiding in Broad Daylight. Problems of Accountability & Access Posed By The Digital Public Archives of the Future;

  • Gergő Bendegúz Cseh | “I can’t tell anyone, So I tell everyone…” State security records and personal data protection in Hungary;

  • David Fricker | Authenticity in the Digital Age

  • Anne J. Gilliland | Dead on Arrival? Impartiality as a measure of archival professionalism in the 21th Century

  • Michael Hollmann | Accessibility and Privacy

  • Robert Kretzschmar | Selection and appraisal in the digital age

  • Mats Burell | Accessibility and Integrity

  • Karel Velle | De archivaris: expert of generalist (Dutch)


The conference will focus on the future, and with good reason. The digitization of society is bringing about fundamental changes within the information domain. Traditional methods and principles are under pressure or even becoming redundant. Will the core values from the archivists’ code of ethics remain relevant? Or do we need new principles? And what is the added value of the archivist and information professional in the digital society of tomorrow?


The 125th anniversary of the Royal Society of Archivists in the Netherlands is certainly reason for a grand jubilee conference, including a festive jubilee party. Host of the conference is Noord-Hollands Archief. Celebrate the jubilee with us from 15 to 17 June in Haarlem and register now.


For the full programme and registration, visit: http://kvan.nl/jubileumcongres


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