E-ARK Conference - 6th - 8th December 2016, Budapest, Hungary

The E-ARK Conference aims to bring together inspiring keynote speakers with presentations on the innovative standards and tools developed by the project. Over the three days attendees will gain a detailed understanding of the practical solutions offered by E-ARK outcomes.

Day One will take a strategic overview of the issues faced within the e-government arena, including presentations on the E-ARK pilots and maturity model, as well as a panel session on sustainability featuring a number of industry experts.

Day Two will focus on the project’s technical outcomes including preservation of databases, scientific data and other big data.

Those wishing to gain hands-on experience of the E-ARK tools and solutions are invited to join a number of workshops to be offered on Day Three.

A number of Guest Speakers will be attending our conference. We have already received confirmations from:

Alina Senn - Project Officer at the EC

Dr Angela Dappert - Project Manager at the British Library

Joachim Jung - Chief Executive at the Open Preservation Forum

Members of the Committee of the DLM Forum will also be taking part

There will also be members of the Project teams who have created the tools and services which this project has provided.