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January 24th - "Automated Open Spatial Data Preservation"


Webinars are open to DLM Forum community members.

"Automated Open Spatial Data Preservation" by Martin Rechtorik, National Archives of the Czech Republic (NACR), January 24th at 10-11 (CET).

Following the presentation 'Open Data, The Preservation Challenge' at the DLM Forum Triennial Conference in Salamanca, we would like to show that full or at least partial automation of archiving publicly available datasets is not unrealistic science fiction. On the contrary, it is possible and relatively easy to achieve. During the workshop, participants will learn the basics of scripting, the requirements that such automation necessarily entails, and will be introduced to the tools that NACR has developed in-house for this purpose. We would like to initiate a final discussion on other capabilities that can be used for web catalogues or linked data needs.

Registration for the webinar is closed. Video presentation now available (members only).

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