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The DLM is an impartial, not for profit organisation run on behalf of its constituents. It is a “zone of integrity” where information is gathered and exchanged on an honest, open and impartial manner. Members are protected by rules of engagement so they are assured they will not be “sold to” or lobbied unless they give their explicit consent.

The DLM Forum occupies a unique position of trust. It is close to, but independent of, the EU. That gives it access and influence but maintains a robust impartiality. It has played a major role in setting new standards. It provides training available nowhere else in the world. By joining, members become part of a group that can influence decisions made by governments, the EU and major corporations.

The DLM is a member forum. It provides conferences where new developments in standards, regulation and technology can be announced, analysed and debated. It sponsors specific research exclusive to its members. It provides a meeting ground where members can find verified information, impartial advice and new contacts. As the founding organisation behind MoReq2010, the DLM Forum offers safer purchasing for technology buyers and better product development for vendors.

By joining, members will rapidly develop a deep understanding of the current challenges and emerging trends. There are two distinct areas where members can benefit. They can mitigate corporate and personal risks. They can save money by safer purchasing and by reducing records storage costs. Members will become versed in the current and emerging standards, thus staying ahead of regulation and achieving faster compliance. Members will beat competitors by having more compelling solutions, products or consulting offers. Others will protect their personal position by enhancing their know-how and showing expert credibility. Some will find their next supplier, customer or employer.